Tony Hawk - N64 Tony Hawk 64 page Want the special moves for Tony Hawk N64?  Check here for them!
The Sims Ero's - The Sims Page The Sims, by Maxis .. this is how my family was faring.
Ultima Online Ero's UO Page I made this page during my Ultima Online Craze.
School Website School Page I typed this page out in my Computer Science class.
Sandra Bullok Site Sandra Tribute This is my first webpage I ever made.
Animated Gif Files Animated Gif's These are some Animated Gif files I made that aren't on my website.
American Studies Project 11th Grade English I made this for an American Studies project.  I got an A!
English Project - Beowulf Beowulf I made this for an English project, I got an A!
Men in Ballet Sherwood School I danced in this recital ... '00 ... for the Sherwood School of Ballet, see which is me?


Yahoo! Games Yahoo! Games This is a fun place to play Online games with friends, find me logged on as ero_work .. usually in the chess area.
Blizzard Entertainment Blizzard Entertainment Home of Starcraft and the Warcraft Series.
3dRealms 3DRealms Duke Nukem!
Ultima Online Stratics Ultima Stratics I know that you used to play Ultima Online, and this is where you'd go to find the recent happenings.
Interplay Productions InterPlay Home of Descent 1, 2, 3.
Counter-Strike Half-Life CounterStrike Looking for a good Half-Life mod?  This is the best!
Scopie Games ScopieGames This is a cool game, you may have played the actual version


PriceWatch PriceWatch This Website is for you who want to buy your own computer parts, It will find the cheapest price around!
Perpetual Technologies Perpetual Technologies This is still Under construction
Comp U Plus CompUPlus An EXCELLENT place to purchase computer Parts.
Computer Nerd ComputerNerd Do you want to overclock your processor?  Go here!


DSL Reports DSL Find out the latest news about DSL - And also if you can get it yourself.
AMC Theatre AMC @ hollywood.com This is the theatre I go to - Goes directly to showtimes.
AMC MovieWatcher AMC This is the only place I'll go to watch movies, and on Wednesday, free popcorn.
CNN - SciTech CNN.COM I check this daily, it has good reports on the latest in Science/Technology News.
Courier News Courier - Elgin, IL This is a local paper, good for Police Reports, and Local News.
Beta-World beta-world They are supposed to keep up-to-date on all game beta tests going on. It's a work in progress.
Internet Movie Database IMDB This is a database of all movies ever!
Hollywood Online Hollywood.com Do you want to see that movie?  Well find out where and when it's playing!
Hawaii Points of Interest MaunaKea I took this websites tour, they have really good Hawaii links.
SETI @ Home Seti @ Home SETI @ Home - Search for Extra Terrestial Intelligence.


Excalibur's Website excal80 This is one of my buddies page, go check it out!
Cain's Site cainz This is another one of my friends websites.
BabySpider's Website punkrockinbabyspider This is my girlfriends website, check it out.
Jenny's Site cupcake_8182001 This is Excal's Girl's Site, She stole my Joke of the Week idea too.
Quantum Chromo Dynamics QCD This is my Dad's Website, it's got cool Astronomy stuff.


AutoShop 101 Auto-shop Online I found a lot of useful Information about how cars actually work here!
Pep Boys PepBoys This is a pretty good Car Store, this is only really useful to find the store nearest to you.
Summit Racing SummitRacing This is a Terrific site to buy racing car parts.


Jeff K's Homepage Something Awful I don't know why my friends all like this site, it's pretty dumb to me, but maby you'll like it.
Wacky Movies Wacky Movies There are lots of funny video clips here.
Simpsons Website Milpool This is a pretty cool Simpson's Website.
The Spark! TheSpark! This site is a good place to take some joke tests.
Joe Cartoon JoeCartoon These are some really funny cartoons, this is a MUST visit.


Elgin Community College Elgin Community College The Elgin Community College website.
Gail Borden Public Library GBPL This is where I work, the site needs some work though!


Hotmail Hotmail This is my favorite web-based E-Mail site.  Find me as ero_work


Quickdot Quickdot It's like and Instant Messenger, but totally web-based.  No external programs.
High School Alumni HighSchoolAlumni Register here to find your old High School Buds!
Bank One BankOne Do you use BankOne??   Check your accounts from here, requires 128-bit encryption.
First USA FirstUSA Do you use FirstUSA for your credit card?  Manage your accounts here!
ICQ ICQ I like this one better then AOL IM - Find me as 1057351


Telocity Telocity This is where I get my 425k SDSL from.
Free Disk Space FreeDiskSpace This is an Internet-Hard-Drive site, it can provide up to 300 megs!!!
Free Drive FreeDrive This is my Internet-Hard-Drive of choice!
Internet Micrys Micrys MicroConsulting This is my old internet Provider.
Foxvalley Internet FoxValley Internet This is another Elgin Provider.
Core Comm Core This is my new Internet Provider.
Telocity Telocity A DSL provider.
Covad Covad A DSL provider.


Imesh IMesh File sharing program, great to find videos.
Napster Napster Like I've said before, I love this program!
Ska Punx SKAPunxt If you like Punk music, then go here!  And check out the JukeBox.


If you would like your website added in my Links page, e-mail me at [email protected].

Need my fonts?  Check Here: Ero's Madhouse Fonts