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NXSecure 12/01 Great forum, many users so it usually has everything you want! FTP section is usually too crowded, can't connect.  Check Appz/Gamez.
EWNet 12/01 Many users, game/app forums are lamer reqz, check the FTP section.
Server2UK 12/01 Not many users, but sometimes can find good stuff.
FirePosting 12/01 User base is Medium size, good posts occasionally.


NavNetwork 03/20 I check this daily - It's a list of sites - sometimes not updated daily.
EasyWarez 12/01 Checked daily, not always good links, but at least there is a lot.
KatzWarez 12/01 Has it's on and off days, good to check weekly.
GameCopyWorld 01/01 Need a no-cd crack for a game, this is the site. 01/01 The ultimate search tool for Warez stuff.
WarezEmpire 01/01 Not bad, has some slightly older games.
Rozman's Warez 01/01 Not bad, few pop-ups so be careful.
ATA Warez 01/01 Make sure you have Netscape 4.7 or above.
Acid Warez - Movies 01/01 They updated 3-4 movies at a time, check for some of the new ones.
Im@gine Warez 01/01 This is not a bad Warez site, new App/Game a week. - Lots of popups.


Serial Programs 01/01 Links to the many serial programs out there.
Keygen Studio 01/01 Huge archive of Keygens.


The Crack 12/01 This place has almost every crack you can think of.
Cracks.AM 01/01 Huge archive of Cracks.
Razor '2000 01/01 This is where you would look if you need a crack to something.