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Nov 16, 2001 Look at the ero-new section for today's posts & updates.

Site Updates here:

Movie Reviews:  Monsters Inc.

Nov. 6, 2001 I think I've decided what class I'm taking next semester.  CIS247 - Internet Programming.  It was a tossup between that or CIS223 - Computer Science II ... I picked the Internet programming because of the time.  I'll take CIS223 next fall.

Nice update today.  I probably won't be working on my New Design today, I worked on the new Library site all morning.  It's going to look really nice if they actually decide to use it.  They would be crazy not to!

Links for you all: The new stick fighter - very awesome, new layout ... completely interactive.
This one is really cool, you get to control a skeleton with wires.
I have NO idea what this one is.

Looking forward to: Getting my new TV!!

Site Updates:

New Joke of the Week

Movie Reviews: The One

Nov. 5, 2001 An exclusive for visitors only!!!  Download the Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the clones trailer here.

Follow this link.

You will need the Quicktime 5 plugin for it.  Let me just say, it rules!

It weighs in at 12 megs.

Nov. 1, 2001 Well, not a whole lot going on today.  I spent most of the day working on my new website.  The sidebar has the mouseover effect now.

Besides that, I finally got the promotion at work.  It's public now, I am working 1 night a week as the PC Support Tech. (Automation Asst.)

Links you should see: Poke the Bunny


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